The area around Ardre is beloved for its beautiful beaches, and there are several skilled artist-craftsmen who live and work in the area and make all sorts of art. Ljugarn (which is the small village in Ardre) has been popular among visitors since the early 20th-century, and is therefore one of the oldest tourist resorts on Gotland. In Ljugarn there are restaurants, cafés, shops, museum and a beautiful sand beach.



Ardre is a parish with many winding roads, old farms and flowing fields. Ardre has a medieval church which is one of the smallest on Gotland. The church has several beautiful parts, among others a crucifix from the 13th-century and a statue of the Madonna from the 16th-century.

In the church there is also a rune which tells a strange and cruel story about the blacksmith Volund.

The small and much-loved village Ljugarn belongs to the parish of Ardre. Ljugarn is one of the oldest tourist resorts on Gotland. There are many well preserved wooden houses from the turn of the century in the area. In Ljugarn there are also four small museums. Strandridaregården from the 18th-century, the fossil museum, and two more museums about the local beach community and the local fishing cottages.


Ardre has a long beautiful sand beach. There are no signs to the beach so it is never crowded. The beach is not particularly shallow, so if you have small children you can continue along the coast to Östergarn parish and Sandviken (there are signs). This beach is very popular and very shallow. In Ljugarn there is also a very nice sand beach with a beach café.


The field of rauks by Folhammar in the outer parts of Ljugarn is well worth a visit. Take a walk around the rauks and fantasize about what they resemble. There are also several barbecue sights here.

Mullvalds grove is a place where you can find many beautiful plants and trees and is a lovely place to have a picnic. By the grove there is a board which shows which plants you can find there and describes how the grove has been used by the locals.

Restaurants and café

In Ljugarn there are several restaurants. One of these is Smakrike krog which we strongly recommend. They have a seasonal menu of high quality and also arrange truffle safaris and other trips.

In Espegards café and bakery in the centre of Ljugarn you can buy newly baked bread and pasterys.
Ljugarn beach café is located by the beach and serve everything from ice-cream to food. Here you can also play miniature golf.
Fiskekrogen in the harbour of Herrvik is a restaurant with a lovely outdoor seating area.
Katthammarsvik smokehouse is located at a great location just by the sea.
Östergarn café is located straight across from the old school.
Sysnes popular fishshop sell both fresh and smoked fish and more (limited opening hours during low season).


In Ardre you can golf at the Ljugarn 9 holes golf-course. This exiting forest course with a driving range also has a restaurant during the summer time. On the south east part of Gotland you find two golf-courses, Gumbalde golf-course in Stånga and När golf-course. Next to the beach café by the beach in Ljugarn there is a miniature golf-course.