In the late 1990s the project, Bondestugan started. Farmers on the north of gotland, LRF (The Federation of Swedish Farmers) and GotlandsResor AB became partners in a unique co-operation between agriculture and tourism. Together we have developed a number of house models that we call Bondestugor. Built with Gotland design and as far as possible material from the farmers own land and interior from Gotland companies. All the cottages are of high standard and are built on beautiful places.


The concept is based on that each farmer build architect drawn cottages on their own land with wooden or stone house as model. To build with local wood (or stone) is a natural part of the building and the cottages are designed to fit into the Gotland countryside. Joint submission of building permits, and procurement of furnishings and appliances are made. Gotland Travel AB signs five-year lease agreement and make a financial deposit to the landowner each year.

Good effects 

Several good effects follow in the wake of the project, standard of accommodation on Gotland has increased considerably and the district have the opportunity to develop local activities and services. The possibilities are good and we can see that the cottages have inspired more mini vacations during spring, autumn and winter. That way Gotland, which has always been considerd a summer vacation spot, now can see an increase in travel during not only summer but also spring, winter and autumn

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