Tofta is well known for its popular sandy beach that everyone at some point want to visit when you are on the island. But there are also several restaurants and beautiful natural areas to explore. A visit to the beautiful Eksta Coast, we recommend and Karlsöarna with beautiful and unique nature.



Gnisvärds fishing village
Gnisvärd has a long fishing tradition. Here was a port already in the Viking Age, but the fishing village we see today mainly  fishing huts built in the 1900s. There is also a chapel from the 1830s.

In Gnisvärd is Gotland's largest kept ship, a Bronze Age tomb in the shape of a ship. The tomb is 45 meters long and built of large stones. If you walk across the road you find another tomb, which is actually even older. It's called a died from the Stone Age, a tomb built of large boulders.

Gullin Museum
In the summer of 2011 inaugurated the new Gullin Museum in Sanda station house, where Lars Gullin born 1928th Lars Gullin became one of the great reformers of the Swedish jazz music and one of our most famous Swedish jazz musicians internationally. Lars Gullin died in 1976, but his music lives on .The Museum, operated by Sanda local history museum, an exhibition about his life and his music. The museum is open from. 13-18 every day throughout the summer.


The Western Gotland's best beach. There are ice cream stands, outdoor pool, restaurant, camping and just south of the beach water sports with windsurfing. One of Gotland's most famous beaches.

At Tofta strand northernmost part is Gnisvärds fishing village. Here you can chose to swim from the sandy beach or for a fee in the temperate pool.


Eksta Coast
From Djupvik in the north to hammer headland to the south extends Eksta Coast Nature Reserve, considered by many as one of the most beautiful places on the island.
During a walk along the beach you will pass two beautiful fishing villages: Djupvik and Kronvall.

The shallow lake Paviken in Västergarn is one of Gotland most birds lakes. The nature reserve hedgerows including Great Crested Grebe, Bittern, Mute Swan, Greylag Goose, Gadwall, Shoveler, Garganey, Marsh Harrier, crane, coot and water rail. Grey heron, cormorants and terns are various other birds as they are usually able to spot this. In total more than 240 bird species observed in the area. The birds may include enjoyed from any of the reserve's two observation tower.

Paviken is also a popular fishing lake (total ban on fishing is, however, March 15-July 15). Fishing license required.

In Västergarn lies Visby Golf Club's newly redesigned 18-hole course designed by Ryder Cup player Pierre Fulke. The web, before reopening in spring 2009, a high standard and is housed in a beautiful setting. Nowadays you see the sea from every hole on the course.

Kovik fishing museums
Koviks fishing village of Sanda was one of Gotland's many active fishing villages where it was carried inshore, often complementary to agriculture. Today it is transformed into a fishing museum, where boats, fishing huts and fishing gear collected from all over the island. One of the driving forces in creating the museum was the artist and "Korumpianen" Erik Olsson.

Russ Park on Lojsta heath
On Gotland is our only native breed of horse, and it has been on the island of Gotland since ancient times. Originally lived in the semi wild state, but with the introduction of the shift in the 1860s became the roving russens space is more limited. Russtammen shrank at an alarming rate. Thanks to a donation from a stud farm had Gotland County Agricultural Society about a dozen animals were placed on the fenced grounds of Lojsta heath. These animals form the basis for today's russtam in Lojsta.

The game consistently russ herd on Lojsta heath is now composed of some 80 individuals, who at the end of July each year are collected and exhibited and judged in a popular incentive. After the incentive is released out into the autumn pasture, where they go to and including 1 November when they moved to their winter pasture.

Large Karlso
Outside the west coast of Gotland is Big Karlsö. The entire island is a nature reserve that offers many special experiences. The island is perhaps best known for its rich bird life and their orchid meadows.

The Big Karlsö traveling by boat from Klintehamn. You can either make a day trip or overnight stay in a hostel, in a cabin or in fyrbyn.

Restaurant and café

Crown Holmen Inn: Nestled directly on the beach with a breathtaking view of the Crown Holmen Utholme and Charles Islands. The restaurant is fully licensed serving well-cooked dish of the day and a la carte.

Toftagården: A small piece from Tofta beach is Toftagården with a cozy dining room and a large garden with outdoor seating for warm evenings. The kitchen offers an exciting variation based on the island's own raw materials.

Djupvik Hotel is a newly built hotel and catering facility located overlooking the small fishing mode and Charles Islands. From the terrace you have a wonderful view over the sea. The facility is open year round and is well worth a visit. There are few places that can match Djupvik in the category of snack deluxe.

Toftastrand Bakery is a café and bakery with a café and a custom stone oven bakery where we bake our own sourdough bread.