Se och göra Ire


Ihre in Hangvar parish about 3 mil from Visby. Ihre is beautifully situated by the sea with many beautiful natural areas around it. On Häftings farm in Hangvar produced feta cheese in the farm's own dairy which is then sold to restaurants around the island.



Hall Hangvar nature reserves are reported at the vast majority of pine trees. Although large parts of the reserve provides a barren appearance, one may here encounter a variety of unusual plants, including orchids red wood lily, salep, alpnycklar, sump keys and gulyxne, sea kale, brown eyes consolation. Sigsarve located in the southern part of the nature reserve.

The view from the cliff Hallshuk, is part of a large reserve of Ihreviken and Kappelshamn. Take a walk with spectacular views over the sea. From the cliff edge of the steep plunge 25 meters down to a pebble beach and Hallshuks picturesque old fishing village. 


Ihreviken a mixture of clean pebble beach, sandy beach, rocky shore to shore from whichever part of the beach you visit with a wonderful nature. Oftats much quieter than other beaches on Gotland. A beautiful swimming area for large and small. Right on the beach is also a restaurant with a lovely patio.

Kappelshamn bay is a small quiet family beach that almost never gets crowded. Mixed beach with sand, grass and stone. 300 meters from the beach restaurant.

Ihre Farm For those tired of the beach there is the opportunity to poolbad on Ihre farm. The farm has a chance to pet animals, horseback riding and a cafe.


Gotland Ring In one of the quarries at Storugns on northern Gotland is Gotland Ring, a race track, the first part was opened in 2003. It hosts everything from large public events to corporate events, technical tests, courses and general driving.

Elinghem ruin is beautifully situated in a meadow Gotland. Elinghems old parish church, built in the 1200s but later abandoned, probably during the 1600s. During the summer, church services and concerts in the ruined church, which is also a very popular place for weddings.

File Hajdar is Gotland's largest rocky area. File hajdar is a popular destination for botanical enthusiasts. Here you will find among other things, the largest incidence of nipsippa (blooms from May to April) and the rare gotland solvändan (flowers on sunny days in June-July).

Maiden name of Gotland limestone tower rauk highest, ranging up 27 meters above sea level. Rauken is named after a tragic tale of the maiden Öllegard and her beloved Helge as this is said to have crashed in the sea. The story is dramatized every summer in the so-called Virgo game, a play given in the sunset on the beach Lickershamns.

Restaurant and café

Ihrebaden restaurant is a small cozy restaurant located right on the sea with wonderful views out over the horizon.

Maven restaurant is located in Kappelshamn about 7 km from Ihreviken. Here you can enjoy brunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee. Everything on the menu is perfectly fine for take away.

Ihre farm is an old farm dating back to the 1700s that operated ekologist with a family farm. The yard pat animals, ride, play tennis, petanque and swimming in the pool. In summer lamb barbecue evenings and café. The mansion also has a store with the sale of lambs and other book has crafts.