Östergarnslandet has beautiful nature, lovely beaches, good restaurants, art and craftworks together with lots of astonishing middle age churches.



Östergarnslandet have a lovely nature, many sandy beaches, several good restaurants and many of the farmers grow vegetables in the area.

The tower by Gammelgarn church is an old well preserved defence tower from the 12th century which has been refurbished. In the tower you can see different exhibitions and learn about the areas history.

Danbo Nature reserve is beautifully located between Sjaustu and Grynge. Forested dunes and open  spaces spreading out towards the sea. The old forest has been remained and untouched since the 1920 and has progressed to a natural forest.

The nature reserve Herrgårdsklint in Gammelgarn has one of Gotlands most interesting hillforts and very nice view. The areas special geology with limestone cliffs and alleys makes it very interesting. In the area is the very rare shrub on swedish called "gulkronill" whom the famous Carl von Linné found on Torsburgen during his journey to Gotland. The County Administration Board has a hope to arrange a walking trail from Herrgårdsklint to Torsburgen where visitors can experience great nature with many different kinds of forest.


On the eastcoast there are many beautiful beaches. One of these are named Sjaustru, a beautiful sandy beach with space for most people. There is no feeling of crowded and overpopulated here, A 100 meters fro the beach is Gallery Sjaustru with both exhibitions and sale open in the summertime.

An other beautiful beach is Gryngsvik next to one of Gotlands most well-preserved Fishing village Grynge with about 20 fishing cabins from the 18th and 19th century.

The most popular beach on the eastcoast is Sandviken. The beach is well-attended and is very shallow. Next to the beach there is a cafe. If you continue along the sea you come to Sysne Udd. Here is one of Gotlands fish stores from where you can buy fresh and smoked fish (limited opening hours during the off-season). In the fish store they also sell ice-cream and other gotlandic products. Take a coffee or lunch break by Sysne where you have lovely view over the beach and ocean.

Then continue be foot or bicycle along the coiling road by the sea andenjoy the wonderful nature. Eventually you will arrive at Herrviks harbour. Here is a restaurant called "Hamnkrogen" with a lovely outdoor seating next to the water.

Herrvik is right next to the nature reserve Grogarn with the 30 meter high limestone cliff named Grogarnshuvud who offers a magnificens view over "Östergarnslandet", north towards Slite and east towards Östergarns Holme.

You can also go to the nature reserve Grogarn from Katthammarsvik. Then go from the harbour in Katthammarsvik on a small road signed "Grogarnsberget" heading east.After about 2 km you reach the reserve meeting a cattle guard (called färist in swedish) and a steep uphill. 500 meters further down there is a parking lot and a Information sign about the nature reserve, an excellent starting point for hiking or walks in the area.

Restaurant and café

About 6 km from Gammelgarn is Katthammarsvik with restaurants, cafe, grocery store, fish smokehouse and more. Restaurant Hamnkrogen is located by Herrviks Hamn.

In opposite to Östergarn church is a cafe in the old school. Here both lunch and coffee is served. Besides that there is a dentist practice and other companies in the old school.

Nearest cafe from Gammelgarn is Sandvikens strandcafé (Sandvikens beach cafe) about 3,5 km.

10 km from the farmers cottage is the charming Krakas Krog I Kräklingbo county which is a high quality restaurant serving locally produced products. In Ljugarn about 15 km from Gammelgarn there a more restaurants. One of them is Smakrike Krog who is highly recommended. Ljugarn also offers bakery, grocery stores, galleries among other things.