Bondestugan i Fröjel


Western Gotland dominates by the view of Karlsöarna. Fröjel is an ancient cultural village with many monuments. There is also near to the popular beach Sandhamn and the beautifully coast near Eksta. It is also worth to visit Djupviks restaurant.



Fröjel church is probably one of the most beautifully situated on Gotland, which lies on the ridge beside the road 140 with a view over the Baltic sea and Karlsöarna.

Mulde nature reserve lies east of highway 140. There are probably Gotland richest presence of the rare orchid large forest lily, also called big deal. Red forest lily is also one of the sights here. The reserve is best visited in early summer.

Mallgårds källmyr bordering Levide and the great Russ park. The myr is growing more rare species such as black hay, brown eyebright and orchid as Dactylorhiza traunsteineri and Gymnadenia odoratissima. By ponies graze and trample around in the mire ensured the rich vegetation.

Fishing state Valbybodar is located west of the church. There is an old fishing village with 20 booths. Nowadays, most of the cabins for recreational purposes, and in summertime it is probably more people who take a dip from the bridge than go out and fishes.


The beatch at Gustavs is a good kilometre long sandy beach that stretches all the way to Sandhamn. Shallow and child-friendly bathing area has to get to the ramp to Sandhamn, or from the north along a partly sandy road that starts right at the parking of baptisternas youth center at Gustavs.

In Sandhamn just north of Djupviks fishing village is a long and fine sandy beach. From Sandhamn you can drive along the lovely Eksta coast with stunning views of the Karlsöarna. Along the way there are lots of nice places suited for picnic. Here you can enjoy the sunset and the fresh sea air.


The stone ship at Gannarve is located overlooking Karlsöarna and is one of the most beautiful ship setting at Gotland. The stones were erected as mighty tombs already in late Bronze Age.

From the viewpoint Haugklintar have you the best view of Fröjels entire shoreline, Grannarveviken and Karlsöarna. Bring binoculars, picnic basket and blanket, but do not sit too near the edge. Haugklintar is located near road 140. From the rest area a few hundred yards north of Fröjel church, you go across the road and than follow the trail that starts there. Keep left directly in the path after 50 meters, then follow the path another 300 meters and you will reach the place for the best views.

Visiting point Fröjel located in the old closed down school near the church. The visiting point was created to be able to take advantage of interest from visitors, who in the late 90s, found their way to the several years ongoing archaeological investigation. Now the archaeological investigation been completed, but much of what was found during the excavation are reported in the book “ lär känna Fröjel – en socken på Gotland”.

At visiting point Fröjel you can buy current literature, jewelry copies, Gotland handicraft and study the photo exhibition with annully arying Gotland Themes, which in recent years replaced the previous exhibitions with annually varying Gotlands Themes. You can also read your e-mail at the café or relax in the lush garden with sea views over a cup of coffee with homemade bread or a cold soda or ice cream. Directions: Follow highway 140 south and just past the Klinthamn and head toward Fidenäs (still route 140). After about 7 km shows the signs (“info Center” and “café”), turn in to the old road west of the church and a few hundred meters further you have reach the site.

Restaurant and café

Djupvik Hotel is a newly built hotel and restaurant facility situated overlooking the small fishing village and Karlsöarna. From the outdoor terrace you have a wonderful view over the sea. The facility is open all year round and is well worth a visit. There are few places that can match Djupvik in the category of coffee deluxe.

Fröjel café, bar & dining room, breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and various themed in the evening. And enjoy the beautiful coastline with views of Karlsöarna from the outdoor bar.