I who have built the farmers cottage at Sandhamn in Fröjel is Örjan Melin. My family helped me with interior design and more. The family consists of my partner Åsa and our two children, Thomas and Malin.

I always wanted to build a house and have now been able to do so by the farmer cottage project. We have invested in a lot of windows facing the sea side and hope that our guests will see and enjoy many beautiful sunsets.

We live on a farm called Hallgårds which is located a few miles from the farmer cottage. It is a real family farm run by the family since the 1600s.

Today we run the farm with dairy cows and feed/ grain production. The farm is also home to our cats. You´re welcome to come and visit and look at the animals. Just contact us before so we can finde a good time the works.

Welcome to us in Fröjel!

Örjan Melin with family



Farmer Cottage in Fröjel. Located about 200 meters from Sandhamn's beautiful beach on western Gotland