We who built the farmer cottage in Tofta named Bertil and Ingrid Nilsson. We live a few hundred yards from the cottage at Toftavägen, county road 140.

The farm that we live on is Bertils parents and it has been in the family for many generations. Down to the beautiful fishing location Gnisvärd, is one of Gotland's largest stone ships, a relic from the Bronze Age. The farm's arable land is leased. Bertil working on Social Insurance and Ingrid works as a preschool teacher at a parent-driven preschool in Tofta.

Gotland farmer cottage is a project that we decided to carry along when our three children left home. With Bertil's great interest in economics and Ingrid's interest in gardening and interior design became a fun challenge. We have also had great help, both practically and appearance of our children, with their families.

The farmer cottage so far has given us a lot of inspiration and joy, both in terms of construction and occupancy. The cottage location is chosen with care for people to feel the tranquility and calm in the midst of the popular vacation paradise!

Welcome to Tofta

Bertil and Ingrid Nilsson