We who built the farmer cottages at Ire in Hangvar called Par-Rune and Eva Nypelius. We run a farming enterprise Nyplings Farm KB along with their youngest son Andreas. The farm is in Lokrume at route 148. On the farm we plant cultivation and has invested in an irrigation pond in order to develop the business also with vegetable growing and more recycling-oriented culture. We are also co-owners of the operating company Lokrume belts that have been cropping and threshing operations.

The ability to develop the company with renting came when we got access to land that previously belonged to Par-Runes mother's parental home. Ireviken means a lot to us in the family and is a dear place. The stillness and closeness to nature and the sea with sunsets that are amazing that must be experienced!

Pär-Rune work full time with agriculture. We are both committed association of people and Eva have assignments in different boards and in politics.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in our cottages and enjoy the environment in Ire which is perfect for swimming and walking along the ocean and the nearby scenic areas. The coastline also invite to sea fishing enthusiasts.

Please contact us if you would like to visit the farm or need help with services during your stay on Gotland!

Welcome to us in Ire!

Eva and Pär-Rune Nypelius